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The House Magazine "PARICHAY MEIN PARICHAY" a literary forum for the members, is a quarterly issue. Poems & Articles on various subjects like Medicine, Travels, Management, Art, Science, Cookery, Home, Humour etc are covered. Write-ups or contributions by members / subscribers are given priority. The Editorial Board has an Open House policy and any new suggestions and ideas are welcome. The magazine contains articles in English, Hindi & Marathi Languages. The life membership is at a subsidised rate of Rs. 1000/- for 10 Years and the Annual membership is Rs. 200/- . Any one is welcome to be a member of PMP and to support this Social responsibility and social service initiative activity.

We welcome articles, poems, write-ups for publication in our 'Parichay Mein Parichay' (PMP) magazine in Hindi, Marathi and English by everyone who wants to express himself/herself. (members and non-members)

PMP reaches various schools, corporate executives and social organizations and individuals across the country. It reaches approximately 4000 people. To advertise in the PMP and to support this Social responsibility and social service initiative, please click here

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