Personality Development
Personality  Development  is  the out come of  Dr. Tushar Guha's 32  years  of  research  and observations of human relations, emotions and their communications. This is also a result of a process of self-analysis and self-evaluation. Dr.Guha is the first Doctorate in Personality Development, USA.

      Management Services

Specialising in Personality Development and the behavioural sciences, the programs  offered are realistic solutions to the prevalent business conditions in the Indian and Global scenario. They maintain high standards of professional competence and facilitate managers and executives to meet challenges of the present and future.


      Education Services
Our education services division caters to the needs an individual both at the organizational and individual level. The focus is on providing education and all round development in addition to literacy. We recognize that there is inherent potential in each individual and these need to be honed for greater effectiveness.

      Performing Arts
Nrityanjali’s performing arts division is a step forward to rejuvenate ancient traditions especially the "Guru Shishya" parampara so as to inculcate in youngsters a sense of reverence for our great cultural heritage…
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